The Last Guardian to feature unpredictable environments

 Fumito Ueda, director of Team ICO, stated in video content from the Team ICO Collection that he and Team ICO have been spending a great deal of time in developing the environment so it never gets predictable.

"As much as possible, the level design shouldn’t seem too functional or rational," Fumito stated. "Obviously we need to do the level design, but we don’t want our users to notice the intent of the designer… I think being unpredictable, giving the game unpredictability, is key for The Last Guardian."

Environment has been a strong element in all of Team ICO’s games, and The Last Guardian looks to have the same visual and structural attention of its predecessors. Even though the game has been delayed, and it was even excluded from Tokyo Game Show, The Last Guardian still has the visual intrigue that Team ICO has always sought, but this time in beautiful high definition.

The Last Guardian has an unallocated release date in 2012 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.