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The Last Of Us’ Bill’s Town Has Been Immortalised In The Sims 4

Remember Bill’s Town from The Last of Us and its accompanying TV show? Well, a fan has managed to recreate the setting in The Sims 4.

Taking much of their inspiration from HBO’s The Last of Us series, which depicts in far more detail the relationship between Bill and Frank, The Sims builder Isambardy constructed the location on a 64×64 in one of the Cottage Living expansion settings, namely Henford-on-Bagley.

Originally starting out with Bill’s house, they later added more features to the recreation of Lincoln, including the church and the fortifications placed on the perimeter of the town. Obviously it’s not a scale version of Bill’s town, but it’s still very impressive.

Anyway, enough of me waffling on about it — check out the results for yourself in the video below!

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Bill’s Town is a heavily fortified location in the video game, as he’s fitting key points with tripwire explosive devices and other traps to keep out infected and hunters alike. The TV show expands more on this, although unlike the game we don’t actually see Joel and Bill interacting as he dies before Joel arrives.