The Last of Us creative director teases alternate ending (Spoilers)

Spoiler Alert: This piece discusses and reveals plot points from the ending of The Last of Us.

Throughout a development cycle, the plot and narrative of a game likely undergoes many fundamental changes. This is true of any large-scale production, in which the story often strays from its original path and takes on a life of its own as it is created. A new tweet from The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann indicates that this holds true for the post-apocalyptic thriller, hinting at the game’s original ending.

The picture tweeted by Druckmann, below, depicts the scene of an angry Tess holding a knife to disheveled, bloody lead character Joel, who is bound to a chair in a beaten down, unknown location. Dated 2010, it is clear that this piece of concept art reflected an earlier vision for how the game could have been concluded.

Is Druckmann indicating that Tess was originally slated to kill Joel?

More details concerning the game’s ending will likely be revealed at PAX Prime, when Druckmann will be discussing alongside game director Bruce Straley how the game was initially pitched to Sony.

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