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The Last Of Us HBO Series Will Explore Life Before The Outbreak

Gabriel Luna has shared more details on The Last of Us HBO series ahead of its premiere on January 15, revealing the show will shed light on more details on family life before the outbreak.

Speaking with IGN, Luna, who plays Joel’s brother Tommy in the show, made it clear that we’ll be getting more details on the Miller’s life before the brown stuff hits the fan — something that was barely shown in the original game, save for some brief banter with Joel and Sarah.

We get to explore a lot of the moments before the inciting incident… We get to see them be a family for a little while. Those moments just when everything is still normal were a lot of fun and also very important to the story to establish, you know, what this little family looks like when they’re not fighting for their lives.

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Elsewehre, Tess’ actress Anna Torv revealed that showrunner Craig Mazin gave the cast a chance to voice their own “interpretations” of the characters. “That was a relief, because you can then kind of go. ‘Okay, great. I can make this my own’.”

Tori revealed that Tess is a “much older” version than the incarnation seen in The Last of Us, which is the same case with Joel. “There was a freedom in that,” she said, “I wasn’t anxious about it.”

Naughty Dog revamped the original The Last of Us for PS5 last year in the shape of The Last of Us: Part 1, which offers higher quality visuals and accessibility options among other improvements.

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