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The Last Of Us Multiplayer: Neil Druckmann Promises More Info For Later This Year

Naughty Dog‘s Neil Druckmann has promised more info on its upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer project later this year, presumably to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the franchise this Summer.

Speaking with Kinda Funny on a spoiler cast for The Last of Us HBO, Druckmann promised that fans will “hear much more about” its multiplayer Last of Us title later in the year, as it’s Naughty Dog’s “next big title.

It’s an interesting experience for me because it’s the first Last of Us game where I’m not the primary writer, I’m not the primary director. What the team has put together is so cool. It’s very different from what I would do but that’s part of the exciting thing about it, with other people playing in this world.

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In the same interview, the Naughty Dog big cheese revealed that its next big project following The Last of Us multiplayer has already been chosen, although he wouldn’t say if it was The Last of Us Part 3. Then again, he did acknowledge that fans really want to see a new game in the series.

While on the subject of The Last of Us multiplayer, a job listing from Naughty Dog has hinted that the game may also come to PS4.

[Source – GamesRadar]