The Last of Us Part 2 location might have been revealed by these shots


Details on the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 have been thin on the ground since its unveiling last December, but one fan on Reddit has uncovered some convincing evidence regarding one of its possible locations.

Voldsby’ believes the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive, or at least part of it, is set in Seattle, Washington, based on various image comparisons. Specifically, he juxtaposed shots of parking signs and pay sites from The Last of Us Part 2 debut trailer with that of real-life locations in and around the Seattle area.

In addition, he also notes that an S Washington street sign and Driftwood building taken from concept art for the game match up perfectly with their locations on Google Maps. The Redditor even discovered that the type of plant life featured in the trailer, known as Sword Fern, just so happens to be indigenous to the Washington area.


Of course, nothing official has been confirmed by developer Naughty Dog at this point, although it’s still compelling evidence nonetheless. The studio has promised that the sequel will live up to our expectations regardless. 

The Last of Us Part 2 release date has yet to be confirmed at this point, although given that it’s still in the early stages of development, we probably won’t be seeing it for a couple of years yet. Naughty Dog admitted that it initially wanted to save the trailer for E3 this year, but opted to showcase it at PlayStation Experience 2016 instead. 

Much of the game’s plot is being kept under wraps at present, although we know that both Ellie and Joel will be returning, with the former now playable and apparently hellbent on extracting revenge on someone or something, possibly the Fireflies. 

One fan theory that has been doing the rounds since its unveiling is that Joel has actually been killed off, and that the figure we see in the trailer is nothing more than a figment of Ellie’s troubled mind. Could the potty-mouthed heroine be looking to unleash her vengeance on Joel’s killers?