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The New TellTale Games Vows Not To Repeat Previous TellTale’s Mistakes

TellTale Games was once one of the premier indie studios in the industry. Their knack for telling messy, grounded human stories within fantastical worlds and beloved characters made quickly made them a household name.

Fast forward to 2018, where a slew of bad choices led to immense crunch and the studios demise. Now, with Jamie Ottilie at the helm, he and the rest of current leadership are determined not to make the same mistakes.

A new report from website GameInformer interviews Ottilie and other TellTale employees about the new iteration of the studio, where they largely talk about not repeating old mistakes.

Part of the way they intend to do this is with “no crunch” at the studios core, and a full change in how they approach development. A large aspect of that plan, is working in collaboration with different developers the way they are, like with Deck Nine and Adhoc.

“The world’s changed. [Distributed development] is about ease. What are easy things to outsource? Art. Everybody outsources art at this time, right? We’re doing 80 percent of our work externally across a couple of different teams, and we’re getting great quality out of it.

I’m stunned at some of the projects that the teams and individuals from outsourced companies we work with create … and so why wouldn’t we work with them? Distributed development is really about creative freedom in that way … and it’s about keeping our costs manageable.”

Source – [GameInformer]