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The PS5 Hits 10 Million Units Sold Faster Than Any Other PlayStation Console

Sony’s biggest problem right now with the PS5 is that they can’t seem to make enough of them, because the demand is extremely high, something made all the more clear with a new report which estimates that the PS5 has already eclipsed 10.1 million units sold in just 35 weeks, where it took the PS4 39 weeks to do the same.

The report comes from website VGChartz, who estimates that at the end of the week of July 10, PS5 had sold another 253,907 units which officially brought the console across that 10 million line.

It is great to see that more consoles are out in the wild, because as the PS5 install base grows, Sony will eventually move away from the PS4 to only publishing games on PS5, something that could happen sooner with the PS5 selling faster than any other hardware they’ve ever released.

Hopefully the new redesigned models of the PS5 will be easier for Sony to produce and we can hopefully see an end to production issues soon.

Source – [VGChartz]