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New PS5 Digital Edition Model Revision Coming, Weighs 300 Grams Lighter

A new model revision of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (with model number CFI-1100B01 in Japan), is confirmed via a new safety guide user manual on the official Japanese PlayStation website. The specifications page of the manual lists this new version of the PS5 Digital console weighing in at 3.6 kg, which is 300 grams (0.66 pounds) lighter than the 3.9kg of the original PS5 Digital model.

At this time, it’s unclear what has been changed in the new PS5 Digital Edition revised model. Other than the weight, all the other specification numbers – including size dimensions – are the same as the original PS5 Digital Edition.

Additionally, the quick start guide shows the vertical stand of the new PS5 Digital Edition uses a different, textured screw that allows it to be hand screwed. Previously, you needed a flat-head screwdriver or coin.

Product pages have gone live for this new model at the major Japanese electronics retailer chains Nojima and GEO.

On the GEO page listing, the new PS5 Digital Edition model has the release date listed as July 20, 2021, however no PS5 Digital consoles came in stock today at any retailers in Japan.

In the company’s previous earning, Sony confirmed the PS5 has sold 7.8 million units as of March 31, 2021. The PS5 is the fastest selling console in US history. Across the globe, the latest PlayStation console is still difficult to buy as it continues to not be readily available. The shortage of PS5s has been caused by shortages of semiconductors and other electronic parts, as well as scalpers.

Source: PlayStation Japan, Nojima, GEO via @PS5sokuhouInfo