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PS5 And Xbox Series X Shortages To ‘Get Worse Before They Get Better,’ Report Claims

Ongoing shortages for PS5 and Xbox Series X hardware are likely to get ‘worse before they get better,’ according to a new report on Bloomberg.

Citing anonymous sources within supply chains, the report states that “smaller-volume” buyers of semiconductors — including video game companies — are losing out on securing parts to various tech industry behemoths.

The game hardware industry is bracing for supply to get worse before it gets better in 2021, potentially even affecting the next holiday season.

The onset of coronavirus has severely affected hardware manufacturers’ ability to secure sufficient stock for consoles, with supply chains essentially shutting down and social distancing measures imposed. PS5 and Xbox Series X were also heavily affected by this, as well as Nvidia’s RTX graphics card.

While some retailers have managed to restock the consoles, they have sold out in minutes, with things made even worse due to the onslaught of scalpers using online bots to circumvent queues.

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The Bloomberg report goes on to add that the console supply shortage originates from a number of factors, chiefly the Asian companies who manufacturer the advanced semiconductors struggling to meet the increased demand in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite the problems, Sony still reported some positive figures for the PS5, with the console shipping over 4.5 million units in 2020.

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