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UK PS5 Scalpers Purchased Stock Before It Went Live Using A Sneaky Loophole

PS5 scalpers have been at it again in the UK, this time targeting retailer Argos following its brief restock of Sony‘s latest console in the early hours of today.

However, Argos’ restock was married by technical issues, with the site itself becoming buggy as well as the app, and supply lower than expected. Multiple sources have since informed IGN that this was in part due to some folk

being able to order acquire consoles a day before, due to a loophole uncovered by scalper Express Notify.

This is a paid-for Discord server that shares links allowing users to purchase Sony’s latest home console before the general public were even notified about new stock arriving. The outfit has been taking credit publicly, with users boasting about obtaining multiple orders.

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While Argos did manage to clamp down on rogue links pretty sharpish, a number of consoles were sold and collected from the retailer’s outlets before these measures were put in place. There’s no word on exactly how many PS5s have landed in the hands of scalpers.

GAME suffered from similar issues when it restocked PS5 last week, scalpers out in force apparently acquiring around 2,000 units.

[Source – IGN]