The PS5 Is the Best Alternative to GamStop Self-Exclusion

After spending weeks, months, or even years on your favorite online gambling sites, it is fair to assume you might have developed some form of a gambling problem. Anything that someone does to excess while it interferes with portions of their life is a problem.

So, you might be on the verge of having a gambling addiction. It’s never too late to do something about it, but it’s you that has to take action. Since you are probably doing your gambling through a UK online gambling site, you might well have access to the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme. Before you take that leap of faith and register for the program, you might want to consider another option.

Why Not GamStop?

For UK problem gamblers who are married to their online accounts, registering for the GamStop Self-exclusion program makes sense. This is a program that allows problem gamblers to wave the white flag and tell online gambling operators they want to be denied access to all UK online gambling sites.

Here’s the problem with being a GamStop self-excluded gambler. The denial of access to member UK online gambling sites is very real. Any attempt to open new accounts or gamble through existing accounts will be denied until the self-prescribe exclusion period expires. There is no room for changing one’s mind. If the excluded gambler decides they want to resume their gambling activities, they will have to find ways to get around the GamStop scheme.

One of those options would be doing some gambling on of the UK casinos without GamStop listed at NonGamStopWager. Other alternatives would be:

  • Partnering with a friend or relative to open an account under their name
  • Opening gambling accounts that are regulated by other jurisdictions (offshore gambling)
  • Opening a gambling account where account verification is not done
  • Using Bitcoin as a banking option (provides anonymity)
  • Stick with retail gambling options until the self-exclusion period expires
  • Use a VPN to access websites

At this point, you might be thinking about all of the efforts you would have to make to locate the right option when blocked by GamStop. Maybe, there is an easier way to avoid gambling online without registering with GamStop. If you can avoid the registration process, it would be easier to start gambling again should you have a change of heart.

PS5 As an Alternative to GamStop Self-exclusion

In order to successfully set aside your online gambling for a while, you would need to find something to do to fill the time you would usually spend gambling. Since you likely thought of your gambling as a source of entertainment, your search for an alternative should be directed at another form of entertainment. How about playing video games on PS5?

If you think about it, playing video games is similar to online gambling. Both forms of entertainment can be fun and exciting, they both involve the opportunity to compete for the win, and they both are done with an electronic device.

What you should be looking for is something that will distract you from your desire to gamble. Furthermore, you should also be looking for something that will occupy your time.

As a distraction, video gaming is a great option. Regular gamers will certainly attest to the fact that it is easy to get lost in a game when you have players in other parts of the world trying to kill your avatar. It renders everything else inconsequential. As far as occupying your time, the battles or games drag on and the time passes. Remember, every minute you spend gaming is a minute you don’t spend gambling.

Can PS5 Gaming Be Addictive?

As we stated above, anything that someone does to excess that causes problems in their life holds the potential of becoming an addiction. So, yes, PS5 gaming could turn into an addiction if you don’t practice a little moderation. What you don’t want to do is trade one addiction for another addiction.

At some point, you might have to face the fact you are prone to addictive behavior. If you get to that point, you should seek help in the form of counseling. At the same time, you might want to go ahead and register with GamStop in order to limit your access to your “drug” of choice.