Top 3 PS5 Games That Can Help GamStop Players

Without a doubt, innovation is a big driving force within the online gambling industry. Every month, some new innovation comes along and changes the way online/mobile gamblers in the UK gamble. This has to be considered a good thing because the online gambling industry is growing exponentially with no end in sight.

One of the more recent innovations has been the integration of the video gaming concept into online casino games. The recently released “Aviator” online gambling game features the video gaming driving game concept with one key featured added. The gamblers has the ability to wager on outcomes of the game. The gambler gets a chance to win more money by letting the game continue on longer before the helicopter crashes.

It just goes to show that the gap between online video gaming and online gambling is starting to narrow. This looks to be a trend that could really catch fire in the next couple of years.

Where this might have great relevance is in the addressing of problem gambling issues. As the online gambling industry in the UK grows, so too does the number of problem gambling issues. That’s why the UK Gambling Commission helped create the GamStop Self-exclusion program. It’s also the reason various non-GamStop online casinos accepting Brits are gaining in popularity.

How Video Gaming Can Help GamStop Members

To clarify, GamStop is a voluntary self-exclusion program that allows UK online gamblers to notify UK online gambling operators that the gambler wants help with their online gambling addiction. The gambler gets to dictate the terms of the exclusion while GamStop member operators are charged with enforcing the exclusion.

For what it’s worth, the GamStop works quite well when the gambler is committed to staying away from their online gambling activities. Should a register UK online gambler have a change of heart, they would have to seek alternative online gambling options like offshore gambling or maybe visiting their local land-based gambling facilities.

Assuming a gambler is serious about not gambling anymore, they are going to need something to fill the time they used to spend on their online gambling activities. Enters video gaming.

Video gaming has some of the same qualities as online gambling. It creates a sense of excitement, which creates a desire to win or accomplish certain gaming tasks. What video gaming doesn’t do is prolong the financial damage that gambling addiction usually causes. That’s a very good thing.

With the right mindset, video gaming serves as a great distraction from personal and financial problems. Is far easier to enjoy time in a virtual world when someone can set aside their life problems for however long they are gaming.

Of course, video gaming should be done in moderation. Anything that someone is compelled to do too much for too long can become addictive. Video games can help GamStop excluded gamblers unless the gambling addict ends up replacing one addiction with another.

How PS5 Games (Watch Dogs: Legion; Far Cry 6; Final Fantasy VIII Remastered) Help GamStop Gamblers

In the spirit of showing support for the concept of problem gamblers turning to video gaming to replace their online gambling activities, we thought it would be fun to identify three popular PS5 games that online gamblers might enjoy. The three we have selected from many options are Watch Dogs: Legion, Far Cry 6, and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is part of the action-adventure game genre. The game was created by Ubisoft Toronto in 2020.

The game is set in the futuristic city of London. The game follows the activities of the hacker syndicate DedSec, who has been blamed for a series of terrorist bombings. The gamer is charged with helping the syndicate clear its name while also freeing the city of London from the grips of the military terrorist group Albion.

Gameplay includes a combination of shooting, driving, stealth, and hacking activities.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is part of the action-adventure first-person shooter game genre. The game was created by Ubisoft Toronto in 2021.

The game is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. The island is ruled by a dictator named Antón Castillo, the Island’s President, aided by his son Diego. The gamer is charged with playing the role of the guerilla fighter Dani Rojas in their attempts to overthrow the dictator’s regime.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered in part of the role-playing genre. The eighth installment of the Final Fantasy series was created in 2019 by Square.

The game is set in an unnamed fantasy world. The story chronicles the activities of Squall Leonhart and his group of young mercenaries in their quest to defeat Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future. As the gamer plays the role of Leonhart, they will also have to navigate the personal conflicts the lead character encounters in his life.