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The Square Enix Digital Content Viewer Is An App Coming To The PlayStation Store That’s A One-Stop-Shop On All Additional Content For SE Games

A new kind of application is set to hit the PlayStation Store soon. An app published by Square Enix, entirely dedicated to showing players additional content for Square Enix titles.

The Square Enix Digital Content Viewer is currently available to wishlist, of all things, on the store, and it has a release window for 2023 listed.

In the description Square Enix says the app “is a dedicated application for viewing or listening to digital content such as art books, soundtracks, or videos that may be included with some Square Enix titles.”

What’s interesting about this app is that there isn’t really anything else like it on the PlayStation Store.

Square Enix is breaking new ground in that this will be the first app where if you, let’s say bought the digital deluxe version of FFXVI, and instead of needing to download the soundtrack or artbook that came along, you just open this Digital Content Viewer app and check out your extras that way.

It could be that this just means Square Enix is the first to have gone ahead with this kind of app, but if it proves useful to players it could be the case that we begin to see other publishers do the same.

What would’ve really made the most sense though is if PlayStation had gone ahead and done a version of this for all games coming out of PlayStation Studios.

For example the digital deluxe version of Gran Turismo 7 comes with the official soundtrack. You get the soundtrack and a mini artbook when you buy the digital deluxe edition of The Last Of Us Part II.

Those are just two quick examples, but it’s easy to see how an app like this could be useful for players, to access all this content and more in one enclosed place.

It’ll be interesting to see how well executed Square Enix’s app is though, and if anyone uses it at all.

Source – [PlayStation Store via Reddit]