News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2005

The TGS diaries – arriving In Tokyo

Aaron here reporting for - I just landed in Tokyo and I must say it has been quite an adventure so far. There are a few days left before the booth setup at TGS, but I wanted to show off just a little of pre-TGS hype happening around Tokyo.

Visiting Akibahara for most of the day, it was buzzing with all of the latest trends in electronics - one of them being the Nintendo Gameboy Micro. All different colors were present, the screen was very sharp, and grabbed the attention of many Japanese onlookers. Each demo unit had a GBA version of the original NES Mario Bros and it played very well on the very tiny handheld.

Speaking of portables, Sony PSP ads were plastered around the city for the new white colored model, set to be released on 9/15. Unfortunately, Sony's multi-story building was closed today so I couldn't test drive the new color but from the ads it looked pretty slick.

Lastly, I visited some of the Sega arcades around the area and they were packed with all of the latest (and not so latest) games. Sega is set to give TGS attendees a first-hand look at the new Virtua Fighter 5, After Burner and more, and will for sure ignite interest in the dying arcade scene in the near future (didn't get any cool arcade machine photos today, but here is a Sonic and Tails garbage bin).

Well, that's it for this report from Tokyo - I will be updating frequently over the next week, so keep watch here at! - Aaron