The top 5 PlayStation VR apps

Sony’s new virtual reality headset isn’t just for games you know! Discover the best PlayStation VR apps, and broaden your horizons.

PlayStation VR is now out in the wild, and it’s fair to say that Sony has done a pretty bang up job of its launch lineup in terms of software. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find something to your liking no matter your genre preference. Still, it’s not all about the games. There’s also a fair few free PSVR apps up for grabs on the PlayStation Store that are worth snapping up, and we’ve cobbled together a list of 5 of the best below.

Best PlayStation VR apps 

PS4 Media Player


One of the best PSVR apps you can grab is the PS4 Media Player, which is now updated with 360 degree videos and photos using Sony’s virtual reality gaming headset. Once you connect your device to the PS4, all you have to do is activate VR mode from the player’s option menu, allowing you to choose between 360 degree video or photo via your media server or USB device. This allows you to enjoy your selected media in glorious 360 degree using PSVR, making the PS4 Media Player an essential companion to enhance your virtual reality experience outside of gaming. 


This service again features 360 degree viewing for video content, although it focuses on predetermined experiences that treat you to everything from watching Sperm Whales to viewing the sights and history of New York City. You simply select your video and once it’s launched, you’ll be completely immersed in the content allowing you to explore the video at your leisure and learn some info while you’re at it.



This free PlayStation VR app takes the form of an animated short film, but with a twist. There’s no actual dialogue in Allumette, and instead uses the power of music to accentuate the game’s emotional impact of its narrative. The animation short includes a unique art style that recalls classic stop motion films, and tells the tale of a mother and daughter and the sacrifices that one makes for the other. Thanks to PSVR, you can lean in and even poke around the corners of the town. Just make sure you have some free time, as it’s a bit lengthy.

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PSVR allows you to watch all your favourite shows and movies on Hulu, although while the app itself is free you will still need to fork out for the monthly subscription fee. However, it’s worth it, as aside from watching a TV show or whatever else tickles your fancy, you can check out the small library of VR videos to boot. The quality varies, but there’s some neat shorts to have a gander at from the likes of National Geographic and Kevin Hart. Nothing beats sitting in your own VR living room and catching up on a flick, though.



Another short film, Invasion tells the story of a group of aliens who fancy taking over the earth. The only thing standing in their way? A mischievous white rabbit, aka, the viewer. It’s short, clocking in at only five minutes long, but it’s a good laugh and worth checking out if you want something a little different. 

Have you tried out any other PlayStation VR apps and believe they deserves a place in our best apps feature? Let us know, and we’ll test it out. We’ll be updating this article regularly with new apps.