The Walking Dead collector’s edition detailed

Telltale Games’ hit The Walking Dead episodes will soon be available in standard retail and collector’s editions. The adventure horror game, split into episodes, is set in the award-winning universe created by Robert Kirman. Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes is still in a coma and the new story tells the tale of Lee Everett, who take an orphaned girl under his wing. We enjoyed the episodes, so take a look at our review hub here.

The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition, available as a GameStop exclusive, includes The Walking Dead Compendium One featuring exclusive Charlie Adlard cover art, more than 1,000 pages collected from the first 48 issues of Kirkman’s comic book series, a Collector’s Edition box with Adlard’s artwork, and game discs containing the entire first season including Episodes 1 through 5. This will al set you back $69.99 USD. The regular retail version will cost $29.99

The retail version of the Walking Dead is slated for release in North America on Dec. 4. Details on November’s digital release date for the season finale, No Time Left (also included on the retail disc), will be available soon.