The Wall

The Wall is an FPS with an emphasis on the single player mode. However, it also contains RPG and RTS elements that greatly enhance gameplay.

The player"s weapons are customizable, both in function and appearance.

An RTS-like ranking system and team-based missions give the player the sense that he is not alone, but operating as part of a much larger conspiracy.

The player character has hidden abilities that are discovered and unlocked during the game. As in an RPG, his abilities improve as he accumulates experience.

The non-linear mission structure provides a rich and varied storyline, the outcome of which ultimately lies in the player"s hands.

A total of more than 22 single player missions are planned to take place in 7 different regions comprising a total of 15 different settings. This includes both secret and regular missions.

Game Features:

* Destructible environments. – Using a unique physics system, certain parts of the game world will be destructible. Objects, some buildings and parts of buildings, and certain areas of the natural environment can be destroyed either fully or gradually, depending on the weapon and/or the item the player uses. A tree would not be seriously damaged by a pistol, but would be totally demolished by a rocket launcher. This feature will not only provide nice effects but will be useful during gameplay. For example, it may be possible to knock down a catwalk that is being used by enemy troops by firing at and destroying its supports, thereby killing the enemy "indirectly."

* Squad members. – From mission to mission, the player may either be alone or be part of a team. The behaviour of the team members is scripted, so the protagonist will get the feeling that he is part of a group of living breathing beings. In the course of the story, the player will become romantically attached to one of those team members.

* Ranking System. – The ranking system puts additional pressure on the player to keep improving his performance. The system is also blended with gameplay. The player will gain information about the success of other resistance cells from various sources and by different means. For example while visiting a secret hideout, an NPC may tell him about the successful mission that another cell has just completed. This not only gives the player the impression of an expanded world, it also encourages him to match their performance and to rise through the ranks towards what he believes to be his eventual goal.

* (Non)-linear Mission structure. – The Wall also creates the impression of a broader world by offering the player optional missions. Some of those "Bonus" Missions are unlocked by player actions, giving the player the satisfaction of discovering secret missions. Most importantly, the player has choices to make after discovering his true purpose. He can either set the master plan in motion, or prevent it from happening, thus determining his closing missions and deciding the outcome of the game.

* Customizable Weapons.- Hidden throughout the game are certain items, which can be used to customize the player"s weapons. Some of those are unique, while others belong to so-called "sets" which, once completed, unlock a special ability or give the player a certain advantage by receiving another bonus. For example, if the player finds all frets of a certain tribe to apply to a certain weapon, he will get better ammunition or an additional weapon.

* Besides those frets, the player will also find regular equipment to enhance weapons – like a scope which can be mounted on a rifle.

* Most weapons are based on known weapons which exist today, like the H&K SMG, Desert Eagle, RPG-7, UZI, and so on. But over time, these weapons have been modified, adapted and reinvented. In addition, some weapons are totally unique, especially those designed for the underwater missions.

* Vehicles. – As in other modern FPS games, the player has the option of using vehicles. However, vehicles are not available in all the missions, and the player will not always be in control of the vehicle. Among the vehicles the player will encounter are tanks, cars, trucks, specialized boats, as well as underwater means of transportation.

* Some, but not all of the vehicles are (naturally) armed.