The Witness review roundup

Never let it be said that Jonathan Blow isn’t a meticulous chap. More than six years since the launch of his critically acclaimed platformer, Braid, the game designer returns with his latest project in the shape of The Witness. Having skipped a platform generation and endured an arduous production cycle, it’s clear that Blow’s ambitions were not at all compromised at any point; after all, he took on extra staff to fully realise the project, even if it did take him over half a decade to deliver it. 

After a lengthy wait, the PlayStation 4 and PC puzzle-adventure is finally upon us. Set in an open-world, The Witness plonks gamers in the shoes of a nameless protagonist as they explore a vast island peppered with man-made and natural structures, all the while putting their Thinking Caps on in an effort to solve a diverse range of challenging puzzles. But how does the game shape up? Was it worth the wait? Does it offer enough incentive for the player to continue to plough through its cerebral minefield of puzzles? 

The critics have spoken, so check out the review roundup below. Also, be sure to read PSU’s verdict on The Witness to see what we thought of Blow’s latest effort.

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The Telegraph – 5/5

Destructoid – 10/10

IGN – 10/10

VideoGamer – 10/10

GameSpot – 9/10

The Escapist – 4/5

Metro – 7/10

VentureBeat – 7/10