This 19 minutes of Knack 2 gameplay shows a giant enemy tear the place down

For those who bought a launch PlayStation 4, Knack might either be one of the best or worst games out of the entire PS4 library at the time.Regardless of where you stand, Knack 2 seems to be fixing all the flaws the first one had, and adds a lot more content for the fans. 

PlayStation Underground recently went hands-on with the sequel, and that means we get to see 19 minutes of Knack 2 gameplay! There’s some action, some platforming, and even a boss fight! We get to see the revamped combat, and how varied the levels are and more. There’s even a stealth section shown. But enough from me, better to watch it than read about it, right?

Knack 2 will jump out exclusively on the PS4 this September and is being developed by SIE Japan Studio.

Are you liking what you’re seeing of Knack 2 so far? Will it sell as well as the first one