Thor: God of Thunder "not a movie game," says developer

While discussing Thor: God of Thunder with PSU at a recent SEGA press event, Liquid Entertainment’s Andrew Rubino set the record straight: Thor is "not a movie game."

"We’re not just playing the movie over again — that’s not happening," said Rubino, combat designer on Thor: God of Thunder. "We have our storyline written by Matt Fraction. Yes, we share some elements with the movie — obviously, our Thor looks like Chris Hemsworth, we have some voice acting and likenesses — but we tried to do our own thing."

"Our goal was not to make a movie game," continued Rubino, "our goal was to make a good game."

Full video interview with Andrew Rubino, combat designer on Thor: God of Thunder 

Liquid Entertainment worked on Thor: God of Thunder over a two-year development period. Featuring a sweeping orchestral score by composer Inon Zur, Thor is an action-adventure game that follows the God of Thunder as he uses wind, thunder, and lightning powers to defeat towering foes and save Asgard.

Thor: God of Thunder is scheduled to launch in North America on May 3, 2011.