PS4 Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster LED Display Exclusive To PS4 Racing Games

Thrustmaster LED Display

Racing wheel maker Thrustmaster has just announced an LED display for PS4 racing games. Compatible at launch with DiRT 4, WRC 7, F1 2017, Project CARS 2 and Gravel, the Thrustmaster LED Display “lets racers view all of the most important information in the same place, for enhanced performance: engine speed (tachometer/revolutions per minute), lap in progress, current gear, time… It's the first display equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, officially licensed for PlayStation 4 systems.”

The Thrustmaster BT LED Display as no wires, is compatible with PS4 only and works with all current wheels, though they recommended using it for the T-GT, T500 RS, T300 series, T150 and T80 racing wheels. It's also compatible with the DualShock 4 so you don't need to own a racing wheel.

Other PS4 racing games will be added at a later date.

thrustmaster bt led display

Features include:

  • 15 built-in LEDs for tachometer function (RPM)
  • Central numeric display showing the current gear
  • Left and right alphanumeric displays, featuring 4 characters and 14 segments per display
  • 6 marshalling LEDs: 3 on the left, and 3 on the right
  • 3 rotary selectors with push-button feature
  • On/off button
  • Adjustable brightness
thrustmaster led display ps4
Thrustmaster LED display is PS4 exclusive.

Thrustmaster LED Display Price

How much you ask? The BT LED display will set you back £139.99. A release date has yet to be announced.