Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08′: GamerNet Hands On

Everyone is shocked. Tiger Woods ball lands in the sand trap. What will he do? He eyes the crowd standing nervously behind him. He slowly takes his right hand and aims it straight for calculation. His left hand tightens on his club, he slowly crouches down. “The wind is blowing to the west,” he says to himself. He stands up and gets into formation. He tightens his grip as he slowly pulls back, and shoots forward.

The ball flies out of the sand trap, as the sand sprays across the air in a glistening gleam. It bounces into the green, and gracefully appears to stop. Then, suddenly, a wind approaches and sends the ball rolling in the hole. He makes it! The crowd goes wild with applause.

Though the above isn’t an everyday sort of thing, the above scenario is only one of many challenges to overcome on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08’s GamerNet, a service which allows players to upload any shot, hole, for other golfers around the world to attempt. As we loved to see what people have done, PSU logs into GamerNet. It’s all now smooth sailing from here. We log in flawlessly and see a challenge.

Each challenge contains its respective conditions, as well as the number of possible points players can earn by overcoming the challenge, and whether or not the challenge has been beaten. Free Style, Long Drive, and My Clips are three categories that a player sees when he logs in. Long Drive contains challenges centered on distance shots, while Free Style holds consists of many things such as outdoing certain putts, hitting a certain number of spectators, and hitting specific spots on the green.

Long Drive is what it is. I logged in and found a challenge that showcased a fellow gamer using the sand trap to his advantage and sending a shot bouncing from that, into the hole. My jaw dropped I said to myself, “how did he get such a speed by hitting the sand?” Was it the angle? Was it the club? I just couldn’t figure it out and became slightly frustrated and left.

Freestyle offered way more challenges than a simple distance count. 38 pedestrians to hit, long distance, and skimming the water. Those were the objectives to meet during my first challenge, and I was all eager to try. Crisscrossing cement paths preceded an arched cobblestone bridge separating me from a thick flock of excited onlookers, virtually thrilled to catch a glimpse of my virtual Tiger Woods. Hefting a wooden club comfortably in my virtual grip, I pulled my left analog stick back as far as it would go and hit forward. The ball went up, far into the air beautifully, than came down to create a not so great…well…scene.

After trying 72 times, I decided I was happy enough just hitting someone on the head with my wooden club, and felt like it was a job well done. Besides Free Style, Long Drive, and a number of other options, there is also a 9 Hole Showdown, a challenge that has prospective challengers take on all 9 holes of another player’s round of golf. As an aside, I found this option to be an almost ideal substitute for those who don’t feel like searching out opponents with the ugly tab ingame. Just select 9 Hole Showdown and play against an opponent’s score, skipping their round entirely when desired.

That stupid chicken really knew his golf. Yes. A chicken suit. He must have unlocked a difficult mode. Even though I was pissed as hell I got fried by a chicken, I achieve something away from the match: a nice putt which landed right onto the chicken in the sidelines. Take that you damn winner! Let’s see you try and hit yourself!

I soon left the 9 Hole Showdown and entered My Clips, where I was able to set the win conditions with my challenge. I required all comers to successfully skim the ball across the water, and hit themselves with their own golf ball. From there, I clicked Post to EA Sports GamerNet and waited for whatever damn rabbit or chicken to try my daring feat.

While waiting, I went back into Freestyle to see what else I could never come close to conquering. One such challenge required me to stand on a bridge and chip the ball over into the sand trap all to land on the green. Sounds easy right? But there was one problem. The ball was required to never touch the green, but instead strike the flag pole and drop straight into the hole. Yeah…like he could do it. Sadly, I hit his viewer and he DID do it. Bastard!

Tiger Wood’s GamerNet is definitely something brilliantly new and amazing in a golfing game aside from “Star confidence.” Sure some stuff was utterly stupid, but I had a lot of fun trying different GamerNet challenges, and as soon as I practice more, hopefully I can hit myself with my own golf ball once again and declare myself the King of Games!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the latest golfing video game in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series from Electronic Arts. It is set to be released in North America on August 28, 2007 for literally every console known to man. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 focuses to take the sport to the next level with a new development team and a host of new game features. Taking online interaction beyond anything before in the series, EA Sports GamerNet enables players to create or play against any form of interactive content. So, what are you waiting for? Head into the experience and gather your bragging rights.