Time Crisis 4 coming to PS3

Japanese Gaming Bible, Famitsu, reports that light-gun-em-up, Time Crisis 4, is on its way to the humble PS3.

Having been previously rumoured, Famitsu not only confirms that it will indeed be gracing the PS3 with a full arcade conversion (and going by previous TCs, will have bumped up graphics also), but also a GunCon 3 is in the works.

It is important to note that the GunCon 3 is highly likely to be made to work with progressive scan, a.k.a. 100 Hz (usually widescreen), CRT Televisions, and LCD/Plasma screen TVs. As more and more people are getting newer and better TVs, releasing a light gun that only works with bog standard 50/60 Hz sets would be an unwise decision.

If so, that also means that previous light gun games should be playable on the PS3; notably previous Time Crisis games and PSOne favourite, Point Blank.

All together now: ACTION! RELOAD!

Stay tuned.

Source: Famitsu