Titanfall 3 release hinted at by Respawn CEO

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Titanfall 3 to follow success of Respawn’s shooter?

Released last year at one of the worst times possible – right between first-person shooter juggernauts Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Titanfall 2, which features arguably one of the FPS campaigns in recent memory and a seriously addictive multiplayer component, unfortunately saw less-than-expected sales.

Because of this, fans were worried that despite the critical reception being amazing (Titanfall 2’s PlayStation 4 version currently sits at a very impressive 89 on Metacritic), its somewhat disappointing performance sales-wise may lead to EA dropping the franchise. There is hope, however, that we may see Titanfall again.

Speaking to GameSpot, Respawn CEO and co-creator of Call of Duty, Vince Zampella, said that, “It’s important for us to keep the franchise going. We have our franchise creative director, who’s in charge of safeguarding the franchise in multiple formats and making sure it continues to grow.”

Later in the interview Zampella adds that the team at Respawn is currently working on Titanfall-related content that has to be announced. “We’re working on more Titanfall – we’re not announcing what that is yet, but there’s a few other things in the works.”

Whilst this is not an outright admission that Titanfall 3 is in the works, Zampella does state that Respawn is “heavily invested in the Titanfall universe,” possibly indicating that something more substantial than smartphone spin-off Titanfall: Assault is being worked on. If another AAA Titanfall game is in the works, maybe try releasing it at a better time, EA?