Titanfall ‘up and running’ on PS4, says insider

Titanfall is going multi-platform, and a build is running on PlayStation 4, claims industry insider Tidux.

Tidux, whose reputation has been built on a series of leaks and hints to NeoGAF, tweeted today the following:

Previously, Tidux leaked information about PS4 firmware update 1.70, including the technical nature of screenshot and video recording, Share uploading to sources other than Facebook, and other features. He or she also tells us that Uncharted 4 will be shown at E3, though that’s far from a left-field call.

Regardless, anything marked as rumor, which Titanfall’s existence on PS4 most certainly is, should be taken for what it is: an unconfirmed report. That said, fellow tipster famousmortimer, who tells us EA is sorely sorry for taking Microsoft’s money over a PS4 release, seems to echo what Tidux has heard or knows:

For Titanfall 2, a multi-platform release seems far more likely, as Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment has said that the first Titanfall won’t come to PS4. While details are hazy, we know that some kind of exclusivity deal has kept the original game tied to Xbox One. Still, EA and Respawn seem eager to bring the series to PlayStation, with EA declaring a multi-platform yearly rotation of shooters and Respawn saying a PS4 release of some kind is "definitely not out of the question."