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Todd Howard Says He’ll ‘Probably Say No’ To Other Bethesda Adaptations, But ‘You Never Know’

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has touched base on the chance of other Bethesda properties receiving adaptations like the recent Fallout TV show, and it doesn’t sound like he’s very enthusiastic about the idea. In fact, he revealed that he was against the idea of adapting Fallout for about a decade until it was given the green light.

Speaking with IGN on the red carpet for the premiere of Fallout in Los Angeles, Howard revealed how the Fallout series came about, but made it clear that nothing is in the works in regards to The Elder Scrolls.

I met Jonah – Jonathan Nolan – and I love his work: The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Person of Interest, and then Westworld, and he and I kind of hit it off. And I felt like, ‘hey, do you wanna do this? I’d like to approach it like it’s another entry in the games.’ Like, let’s do a new location, new story, let him and his crazy lunatic people he works with kind of do what they do, and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

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I don’t know. There’s nothing in the works. Everybody asks, like, about Elder Scrolls, and I keep saying no also. And I would approach those – I’ll probably say no. You never know if someone’s gunna click. But I think this really came out of, ‘we think things are aligning to do a high-quality job.’ It wasn’t forced. It was kind of a natural relationship and ‘hey, this sounds really cool.’ As opposed to, ‘we should have a show,’ right? It never came from that.

The Fallout TV series has received critical acclaim and was renewed for a second series before the first episode even premiered.

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