Tonight’s PS Vita update to allow sending, receiving of voice messages

Sony has announced that its flagship portable device PlayStation Vita will receive a hearty update.

Officially coined update 3.10, this update will feature the ability for owners to have up to 500 different applications on the home screen. Since nothing more is stated on that matter, it’s to be assumed that the same bubbled format of the home screen will stay the same. This does mean that, if one were to create and fill folders on the home screen, the PS Vita can display 50 folders containing ten different applications across five pages; that, or 50 pages worth of applications.

The PS Vita already had the ability to access emails, but it now will have syncronous connectivity with Google calendar to keep track of schedules while gaming.

Update 3.10 will change the way that media and accumulated content is handled on the PS Vita itself, making it follow a similar formatting to what exists on the PlayStation 4; it also looks similar to what appears when transferring media between the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3. 

Last but not least, players can now send and receive voice messages on their handhelds. These messages are not limited to the PS Vita either, as messages can be send and received from the PS4 as well, making connectivity between the two devices even more involved. 

More details regarding update 3.10 will arrive later tonight once the update finally goes live. Until then, let us know what you like about the update and what you wish would have been included; reformatting of the home screen, maybe?