Top 5 Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

Kingdom Hearts is one of gaming’s most unique franchises. It took two of the most unrelated worlds and clashed them into the most beautiful mess of all time (it’s a good kind of mess). With the release of the new Kingdom Hearts 3, fans of the series are wondering many things, but one thing that is guaranteed to be on their minds is: “What Keyblades are we going to see?”

While some of you may be hopelessly wanting a lightsaber Keyblade, or yearning to see Goofy wielding a Captain America shield, I’m going to reminisce on the best Keyblades from the first two games.
For this list I am excluding all Ultima weapons, because those are some of the most beautiful weapon designs in gaming history. DARE I SAY!? I don’t think it is fair for the other Keyblades (assuming that magical Disney videogame weapons have emotions). Without further ado here are some of the finest Keyblades.

5. Keyblade of People’s Hearts (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblade

To kick off this list I thought I would start off by sharing one of the biggest disappointments from my gaming career. The Keyblade of People’s Hearts is awesome because you don’t even get to have it! The moment I saw Riku holding that magnificent looking weapon, I knew I needed to wield it. Unfortunately Sora only uses it for…SPOILER ALERT: getting Kairi’s heart unlocked from his own heart. That probably doesn’t make any sense to people who have never heard of the game, but it’s a pretty stunning moment in the series.

4. Hero’s Crest (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblade features

You earn this beauty by defeating the Hydra from the Hercules’s world, Mount Olympus Coliseum. Once you obtain this weapon you’re not going to want to put it down; at least until you obtain the next one on this list.

3. Decisive Pumpkin (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Kingdom Hearts Decisive Pumpkin

This fearsome Christmas/Halloween Keyblade is obtained when Sora and the gang defeat the strange experiment monster in Christmas Town. The design of this weapon perfectly represents the divide Jack has in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie and I couldn’t think of a more perfect design to represent this world.

2. OathKeeper (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper

This one is a little on the girly side, but I love the concept behind this Keyblade. It represents Sora and Kiari’s relationship. She gives you a little emblem and at first you’re like, “LAME. Give me something cooler”. After the cut scene ends you’re rewarded with a SWEET looking weapon. The design on this weapon is so personal to Sora and it carries over to Kingdom Hearts II.

1. Fenrir (Kingdom Hearts II)

Fenrir Kingdom Hearts

To get this Keyblade you have to undergo one of the hardest and frustrating gaming challenges I have ever went through. Your fingers will hurt, your eyes will stay hopelessly glued to the television, you will question your own sanity ……okay it’s not that bad, but it’s definitely the hardest boss fight in the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise. You must defeat the legendary, Sephiroth. One of the most iconic villains from Final Fantasy makes his way to Kingdom Hearts II as a secret boss fight. If you want this fight to be somewhat easier you’ll need to be at least level 90. Even at that point it’s a very frustrating match. Sephiroth puts your keyblade wielding skills to the test and you’re finally awarded with the sexy Fenrir Keyblade.

What’s your favorite Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts franchise?