Top 5 things that need to happen in Star Wars Battlefront

The Star Wars franchise is warping into overdrive in 2015 with the arrival of the highly anticipated movie Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you’re a huge fan of the franchise, you’ve probably been busy daydreaming about what the game and/or movie will be like, and we’ve certainly been analyzing Battlefront. In fact, , we’ve been daydreaming so hard that we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things that we think should happen in Star Wars Battlefront.

5. Finn, Rey, and Poe as playable characters

star wars battlefront

Finn, Rey, and Poe are basically the new Han, Luke, and Leia. Even if it were through some lame DLC gimmick I think fans of the series would highly appreciate the addition of these characters. We haven’t even heard these characters speak and half of the world is in love with them already! Please DICE make this happen.

4. Make the reward to play as an iconic character a little difficult

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In the first Battlefront gameplay trailer, we saw an incredible reimagining of the epic Battle of Hoth. It was awesome. At the end of the trailer we see two different players play as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. DICE also revealed you’ll be able to play as Boba Fett and Han Solo (in the Falcon). The only concern is how difficult is it to obtain these rewards and play as these beloved characters? In Battlefront 2 it was moderately a challenge to play as the icons, but what will be the system for this highly anticipated unlockable? No one wants to join a battle and immediately be pulverized by a force choke.

3. A battle mode with ONLY iconic characters

star wars battlefront

One of the many reasons Star Wars is such a beloved franchise are the characters. Before anyone mentions lightsabers, tie fighters, The Millennium Falcon, or even a blaster, they mention Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Yoda, etc. It would only make sense to include a battle mode playlist with iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

2. Make Han Solo and other non-lightsaber wielding characters playable on foot!

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In the new gameplay trailer we saw X-wings and Tie Fighters take to the sky for an epic duke out battle. It was great, but you were left wanting more. When out of nowhere The Millennium Falcon appears and you were instantly overtaken with goosebumps — hearing Han say, “Never tell me the odds!” only made it better. While it is cool to hear the characters dialogue inside the ships it would be even better to see them on foot. The character model for Boba Fett was released not too long ago, so it’s almost inevitable that other characters such as, Han, Chewbacca, and maybe Lando will be playable characters! Lightsabers are always a first choice, but playing with a blaster would be a nice change of pace every now and then.

1. Make a battle mode playlist completely dedicated to killing an army of Jar Jar Binks

jar jar

So this is how the mode should play out, it’s Call of Duty zombies except with Jar Jar Binks. Never ending and it only ends when you die…or suffer from an extreme case of being annoyed. Jar Jar Binks is almost universally hated. Having a mode dedicated to shooting, force choking, scorching, zapping him to death would only be icing on the cake. If that didn’t make you hate Jar Jar enough here’s an article about how much George Lucas loves Jar Jar Binks. 

Which Star Wars Battlefront features do you wish will come true?