Top 8 Rust Game Tricks To Become A Successful Player

Rust is an action game developed by Facepunch Studios, where you play for your survival. In December 2013, Rust got its early access release, and in February 2018, its full release. If you have just started with the game and don’t know your way through the island, then rust cheats can be your way to enhance your performance.

You can play this game on macOS and Microsoft Windows. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox, there is a console version of this game available too. Rust is a multiplayer game solely about survival against thirst, hunger, wild animals, and just as you were starting to get accustomed to the wilderness, you got another player attacking you. To stay alive in the game, you need to get to other players before they get you.

Playing Rust can be overwhelming for a new player, as everyone is out there to destroy everything you have worked for and steal everything you have got. But practicing will make things easier for you, and over time you will learn how to survive Rust. However, to become a successful player, you would need to do more than that.

We will be discussing the top 8 Rust game tricks to become a successful player in this guide.

  1. Selecting the Right Server

Before starting your journey in Rust, selecting the right server is essential. There are several different servers, and before deciding on one, it would be great if you tried a few of them.

The official servers would be too difficult for you if you are a beginner, as they have a higher number of players, and many of them are professionals. If you wish to play solo, then there are specific servers for solo players.

Timing of the servers is also essential as most of them reset once a month. It is better to join the server initially before other players claim a lot of resources.

  1. Collecting Some Resources

After waking up on the beach, the first thing you need to do is collect some resources and do it as fast as you can and away from the sight of other players. You would need four primary resources, stone, wood, hemp, and food. Collect as much wood and stone as possible as you would soon need to build your base.

  1. Setting Up a Base at The Perfect Spot

While setting up your base is an important task, choosing a perfect place to set up your base is even more critical.

Set up your base out of sight and the obvious locations like the beach or the main roads. Choose either the dense woods or the arctic to set up your base. You can keep all the resources you have collected so far in your base and don’t have to worry about opponents stealing your stuff.

  1. Make Those Doors Right

You have set up your base and collected the necessary resources, but some enemy player or group finds your base and raids your entire stash. Now what you can do to avoid these conditions is build doors. Yes, plural as in two doors. Creating two doors will create an airlock, which means if an enemy somehow got to your base, they will have two doors to get through, which won’t be easy for them.

  1. Looking For Monuments

For becoming a successful player, exploring the monuments is a task that you must do. Monuments are dangerous to venture into as they are often bustling places and the chances of you running into some players are high. But, monuments are the place where you will find some of the best resources too.

Keep an eye out for military crates if you want the best gear.

  1. Grow Some Food

To survive in the game, you would need food. While scouring through the island, you would often find hemp and vegetable seeds. Hemp and food are precious resources, and having a source to get those without searching for them is excellent. Plant some seeds and make sure to keep them hidden from other players.

  1. Stay Vigilant At All Times

Try to remain as silent as possible during venturing into new areas. Avoid making noise and always be on alert for gunshot sounds. Staying alert is extremely necessary if you want to avoid dying. Many fights are happening in the game between several groups. Try to avoid those altogether. You can later grab the loot after the fight finishes.

  1. Looting Whenever You Can

To survive and become a successful player, looting resources is essential. Keep an eye out for resources and collect as many as you can. You can collect the gears from an enemy player after killing them or collect valuables from empty buildings or monuments.


Playing Rust can be frustrating at times. Any single mistake and you lose all hard-earned resources. All of this is part of the experience, and all these hardships make success even more rewarding. It is better to remain calm and use the tips mentioned above for a more successful game.