Toriyama: FFXIII DLC was planned but later scrapped

Square Enix’s Motomu Toriyama has revealed that the company originally had plans to release downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII, though the idea was ultimately shelved.

The FFXIII director previously commented that fans should “hold on to their saves from the end of the game” prior to it’s launch on PS3 last year, prompting speculation that DLC was on the cards.

However, speaking to Famitsu this week, Toriyama revealed, “We were planning to make some DLC, but that plan wound up not happening.”

It emerged today that Square is planning on releasing FFXIII for Xbox 360 in Japan under the moniker of ‘Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits Edition,’ which includes an additional quest known as “Episode I” that is unlocked once you finish the main game.

Speaking on the decision, the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, commented: “We feel that there are a lot of 360 owners worldwide, and a lot of people in Japan who own nothing but 360s.”

“Thanks to the new [Slim] system and such, the situation’s a lot different than it was in July 2008,” he added.

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