TowerFall Ascension brings multiplayer chaos to PS4 in March

A former Ouya exclusive–arguably the best game on the pint-sized system–is getting a definitive release on PlayStation 4 come March 11.

The game is TowerFall, and all the features of the Ouya release plus new maps, modes, and weapons equals TowerFall Ascension. The core of TowerFall is Versus mode, where up to four friends duke it out in two-dimensional arenas with bows and arrows. As independent creator Matt Thorson describes, (via Polygon) it’s "a competitive party game inspired by classics from the glory days of local multiplayer. You’ll get plenty of chaos, close calls, and comebacks. . . . Gloating is encouraged and noise complaints just mean you’re playing it right."

Ascension adds 50 new arenas to Versus mode for a total of 120, and new power-ups include arrows that drill through walls. Quest Mode is new, as well, and gives one or two players the chance to defend against waves of monsters that spawn from portals.

Frankly, PS4’s Share and livestreaming features seem made for this. I know I’ll be watching footage for strategies before I dare taking on my twitch-gaming-inclined friends and ever-competitive significant other in this multiplayer madness.

Check out some gameplay footage below, courtesy of hojjoshMC, and know that a European release will come shortly after the game’s North American launch date of March 11. Apparently, a few kinks are being worked out.