Trophies coming to Ferrari Challenge

System 3 has confirmed that it will be including Trophy support for the PlayStation 3 version of Ferrari Challenge via an update in the near future.

Speaking in a Q&A session with Eurogamer readers, CEO Mark Cale commented, "We’re really impressed with what Sony are doing with Trophies, and we’ll be making an update available very soon to allow the game to support these features in the future."

Elsewhere, Cale stated that there are currently no plans to release a demo of the game on PlayStation Network, adding, “Currently, we’ve not come to a decision as to whether or not to release a demo on PSN. There’s many factors that we need to take into account, and logistically, it’s very possible, but I’m afraid we can’t confirm anything at the moment. There’s more video footage coming to PSN shortly, though.”

Ferrari Challenge is available now in Europe, with a North American release due on August 26.