Trophy Guide – The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer

The Last of Us Remastered has a lot to offer under the hood, including all of the downloadable content featured as part of The Last of Us Season Pass. Trophy hunters can also rejoice, because the trophy layout for the PS4 is the exact same as it was on the PS3: the core game and each separate piece of DLC has its own trophy percentage. The bottom line to this front is that, even though Remastered includes so much extra content, the platinum trophy only requires the completion of the original 24-trophy list to earn “It can’t be for nothing.”

The focus in PSU’s first Trophy Tip will be on the multiplayer trophies needed in order to platinum The Last of Us and The Last of Us Remastered; the most ambitious trophy hunters can go for a Platinum Trophy for both versions as well. Though there’s no shutdown in sight for The Last of Us servers by any means, these multiplayer trophies must be earned before the servers either become barren of players or shut down completely.

The four specific Trophies in question are:

-Knowing the Basics

Firefly” and “Hunter” are by far the most time-consuming trophies in the game, since they require surviving twelve in-game weeks. One match counts as one day, so that equates to 84 required matches for each trophy; or 168 matches in total.

Knowing the Basics” is the easiest of these multiplayer trophies as it only requires a winning match in both the Survivors and Supply Raid game modes. Since Supply Raid is the game mode taken in order to complete both “Firefly” and “Hunter,” I’d recommend playing Survivors until you earn a win. Then, jump into Supply Raid to get started on the other three trophies.

Populace” has the opportunity to be tricky, especially if the multiplayer is hard to grasp. This trophies requires your clan of non-player characters to reach 40 survivors. Instead of currency, The Last of Us multiplayer rewards you with Supplies that are needed each day to sustain clan members. As a Loadout, I recommend running with a Semi-Auto Rifle (to help regulate scarce ammo better), Reviver 2 (to gain Supplies for healing wounded allies), and Sharpshooter (to make aiming easier and more consistent when being fired upon). Apart from that, you’ll reach a point where a more natural play style to your preference surfaces, but this tactic is a great way to start out with more sustainable Supplies.

Firefly” and “Hunter” follow the same patterns: survive the twelve weeks, and the trophy pops. Along the way, events will take place where the population of your clan will either increase or decrease relative to the circumstances of the event. These always make you choose a certain Survival Action that must be used a set amount of times while playing the next three consecutive matches, such as X amount of Heals, X amount of Molotov Kills, et cetera. With this in mind, I recommend saving First Aid Training, Hawk-eyed, or Reviver Survival Skills for when the clan population is at risk, simply because they’re the most simple to do, even against very skilled opponents–with Heal being the easiest of these two. Always remember that constantly doing the same action for each event will eventually make that option disappear later on. So if healing is chosen over and over, the amount of heals required to succeed increases substantially to a point where Heal will no longer be an option. Since these trophies take such a long time as well as hold a lot of consequence for failure, saving the more simple tasks for the risky events allows a much higher chance to earn these trophies.

Skipping Days: Looking back at the amount of required matches, it’s not exactly necessary to play all 168 matches in order to earn these two trophies. Firstly, reaching the seventh day of the twelfth week is all that’s needed and not actually having to play them, which cuts two days off the total count. Then, after each successful event, you can skip days by leaving matches before they finish. The consequence for doing so is a day transpired without gaining supplies for the clan, which will cause most of them to either go hungry or sick. In consideration, quitting consecutive days would be like shooting yourself in the foot, but skipping one day each week along would cut down the match count by 14, putting it at about 152. Heck, you can even juggle lower clan numbers by doing this even twice a week. After a skipped day, you must play at least enough matches to bring all the clan members back to Healthy status.

Though the servers for The Last of Us Remastered are causing matchmaking to possibly take forever, the multiplayer experience is very rugged and paced. Unlike faster multiplayer games like Call of Duty, The Last of Us necessitates survival on limited supplies, making tension that much higher. There’s a lot of fun to be had, but there is also a lot of players right now who have been playing since The Last of Us launched on PS3 last year. At the same time, there are plenty of new players jumping into the game, so expect to be faced with both new and skilled players along the way; and if opponents are too hard, wait a few minutes and find a new lobby. 

You’ll most certainly earn extra trophies from playing on the new DLC maps as well, so always make sure to vote for maps you’ve never tried before.