Turning Point music details announced

Codemasters has announced that the score behind Spark Unlimited’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 release, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, will be provided by the prestigious talents of award-winning music composer, Michael Giacchino.

No stranger to the world of videogames, Giacchino has previously worked on a number of WWII Shooters, including Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Medal of Honour: Frontline. With Turning Point, Giacchino will be collaborating with audio director Jack Grillo, supplemented by the 76-piece Hollywood Orchestra to deliver “a dynamic soundtrack that changes with the player’s actions".

"I love working with Spark because they’re a group that’s focused on fusing innovation, quality and narrative into an intensity of game experience very few can create," commented Giacchino. "For this game, we’ve taken an interesting approach that will allow the score to be more unique and emotionally personal to the player."

Chief Executive Office of Spark Unlimited, Scott Langteau also commented, "Together with Michael, we have developed a system that will evoke mood, setting, and emotional involvement with a dynamic structure to deliver musically on Turning Point’s themes – the dissonance of an occupied state, the chaos that comes from resisting an unstoppable oppressing army, and the heroic feeling of making a difference as an individual.”

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty is a First-Person Shooter set in an alternate WWII, where Nazi Germany has successfully overthrown Europe and North America. Players assume the role of an American freedom fighter in an effort to overthrow the notorious Nazi war machine and liberate their comrades. With “intense and cinematic" battles promised, this ambitious title is set to rewrite the history books for WII Shooters.

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty is scheduled to ship for PlayStation 3 in North America this November.