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Turok PS4 Release Seemingly Outed In Full Trophy List

Turok has yet to be released for the PS4, but a list of Trophies for the Nintendo 64 dino-shooter has pretty much confirmed that the game is due to hit Sony’s current-generation console pretty sharpish. The full list of Turok Trophies can be seen below.

Turok Trophies – PS4

Legendary Weapon (Silver)

Assemble the Chronoscepter

Turok: Treasure Hunter (Gold)

Discover all secret areas

You Call That A Knife? (Bronze)

Defeat the Longhunter

Ancient Exterminator (Bronze)

Defeat the Mantis

T-Rekt (Bronze)

Defeat the T-Rex

Swift and Deadly (Silver)

Kill 3 enemies simultaneously with the Knife

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze)

Complete the training course

Crushing Conclusion (Silver)

Defeat the Campaigner

Speedrunner (Silver)

Complete the time trial mode in under 2:45

Not Quite Mortal (Silver)

Obtain maximum HP from collecting Mortal Wounds

[Source – Exophase]