Ubisoft reaffirms Haze exclusivity, talks recent delay

Haze is a few short delays away from Duke Nukem Forever status. While that’s a rather large exaggeration, Haze, developed by Free Radical of Timesplitters fame, has been delayed more times than we care to remember.

Haze’s project lead commented on the most recent delay to the 2008 fiscal year:

"It’s not something we do lightly. Everyone at FRD and Ubisoft is more than aware of the fans on here and how patiently people have waited for the game and we would like nothing more to put out the finished game right now.

"But that’s the thing of it – the game isn’t finished. There’s still some things we’d like to polish and refine, and while it may seem like we’re ignoring you guys by delaying it, it’s precisely *because* of you guys that the delay has happened – because we want to make sure the game is as good as it can be when you finally get your hands on it."

If there’s something to take comfort in though, it’s that according to, Haze remains an exclusive to the PS3.

"A Ubisoft rep has denied the game will be heading to any other platform, reaffirming that Haze remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive – when it will actually hit stores is still to be announced."