Ubisoft shoots down Prince of Persia rumours

Ubisoft has denied Internet speculation suggesting that the next instalment in the Prince of Persia franchise will be named ‘Heir Apparent.’

Speaking on the company’s official messageboard, Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia moderating team stated:

"Rumours have popped up that the new Prince of Persia game is called "Heir Apparent." This is not the case! The origin of the mistake is in the title of the Game Informer article on Prince of Persia called Heir Apparent.”

"Just to clarify: The Heir Apparent is the name of the article, and it is NOT the name of the new game."
"No name has officially been announced."

Little is known on the game at present, although it has been confirmed that the title will not be related to the Sands of Time story arch, and will instead focus on one-on-one confrontations, as opposed to grouped battles.

Prince of Persia is currently scheduled for release between October and December of this year on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.
More information is expected to be revealed at Ubisoft’s media summit later this month.