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Ubisoft’s Free-To-Play Shooter XDefiant Set To Launch Somewhere In Its FY2023-24

Ubisoft’s crack at a free-to-play shooter, XDefiant will be likely getting its launch date sometime in the company’s current fiscal year of 2023-24, as it was added to the line-up of releases to come in Ubisoft’s FY2022-23 report.

“Development of this year’s line-up is progressing well with big brands like Assassin’s Creed, Avatar, Rainbow Six and The Division, as well as on long lasting live service titles like Skull And Bones, The Crew Motorfest and XDefiant.” said Yves Guillemot in the recently published report.

There’s still no announced launch date, or even really a launch window for XDefiant besides sometime in the FY2023-24, though players did get a chance to check the game out themselves this past February.

Of course as it often is with game development, no previously announced or even suggested release window can be taken as final until said so, or in some cases until it actually does release, as we’ve seen projects be delayed at the last minute in some cases.

If XDefiant is to arrive sometime in the coming year, then hopefully we’ll begin to see more of it, and get another open beta test, sometime soon.

Source – [Ubisoft Press Release]