UK PS3 sales beating 360 by 10% in 2008

According to data obtained by Chart Track, Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 outsold Microsoft’s competing Xbox 360 console in the UK by 10 per cent during the first 21 weeks of 2008.

The UK-based sales tracker further added that the Xbox 360 has seen a spike in sales following the release of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV, with Chart Track’s Dorion Bloch noting, “360 has caught up thanks to the GTA IV effect.”

Elsewhere, Block revealed that GTA IV has sold a total of 1.35 million units in the UK since its launch on April 29, with the Xbox 360 version accounting for 769,500 sales, and the PS3 release shifting 580,500.

As readers may remember, Sony Europe’s David Reeves recently claimed that the PS3 is now comfortably outpacing the 360 in Europe, with the launch of Konami’s forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots expected to drive further PS3 adoption when it hits stores on June 12.