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UK Survey Finds 71% Of PS5 Owners Consider It Their Main Console

A survey conducted by Ampere Analysis has revealed that 71% of PS5 owners in the UK consider it their main console, having owned the disc-based version of Sony’s latest machine.

By comparison, 48% of those who own the Xbox Series X consider it their main console, with Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch owners clocking in at 35% and 49%, respectively. This would suggested that some consumers purchase Microsoft’s systems to use as a secondary Game Pass option.

Meanwhile, the PS5 Digital-Only Edition also pops up in the survey, with 43% of users considering it their platform of choice. Again, the standard version appears to be the most popular choice among consumers.

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Ampere indicates that the reason many PS5 owners consider it their console of choice is because “PS5 owners are more likely to be single console owners.”

However this does not fully explain the disparity in this measure between the PS5 disc-based version and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, its key competitor on the market, having launched at the same time.

[Source – VGC]