Uncharted 2 AI details surface

Uncharted 2 game director Bruce Straley has revealed that the hotly anticipated adventure sequel will incorporate two all-new AI behaviour patterns as a result of the games inclusion of stealth-action elements.

"As a result of expanding our gameplay to account for action-stealth, there are two new behaviours added to enemies, ‘investigate’ and ‘hunt,’" Straley told CVG.

“With ‘investigate’ the enemies have peripheral vision just like humans. When Drake enters this peripheral vision the enemies will look over in the direction they think they saw him in and depending on how long he was in this vision cone, they may just look or they may walk over and check out what they think they saw.”

"With the ‘hunt’ behaviour the enemies have already spotted Drake and are in combat with him. While in combat the enemies make certain assumptions on where Drake is based on his last known location,” he explained.

Straley added that Drake’s foes will search tenaciously for our hero should they manage to lose eye contact with him, widening their search as they go.

"If they lose eye contact with Drake for a few seconds, one or more enemies will start hunting around the area, starting with his last known location, and then spread their search out if he’s not found."

Furthermore, the game’s enemies are just as nimble as Drake, possessing the ability to climb up ledges and leap across gaps in order to locate his whereabouts – a feature that in turn allows for a much more varied game environment.

Said Straley: "If they are to hunt for Drake they’ll need the ability to climb on the environment, jump across gaps, and drop down from ledges to get to him. The benefit to this was our combat wasn’t limited to flat terrain anymore."