Unlock the possibilities of digital gaming

Gamers who grew up in the 90s remember what it means to blow into cartridges or apply toothpaste to scratched discs (yes, that actually works). But these struggles of an avid gamer will soon be forgotten as the gaming industry is shifting and switching to digital media. We’re seeing the rise of digital marketplaces like Eneba that offer numerous benefits of digital shopping, namely, a wide selection of lower-priced products. All you gotta do is take advantage of it.

Play with gamers around the globe with online subscriptions

It doesn’t matter which platform you are playing on – Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, every console offers subscription services that boost the overall gaming experience and offer many benefits to all types of gamers. You may be a multiplayer fanatic who can’t get enough of social interactions and teamwork in intense multiplayer matches, or you could be a loner who prefers the company of engaging storytelling. There’s always something for everyone!

Subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium boast huge libraries of games for those who value character dramas, love to explore massive open worlds and live as many virtual lives as possible. PlayStation Plus Essential, Nintendo Switch Online, and Xbox Live Gold, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want cheap access to online multiplayer and are dedicated to becoming the masters of a particular genre. Digital marketplaces offer great deals on all types of subscriptions, you just have to choose which one suits you the best.

Get Silver for spending Gold

Some platforms even offer rewards for paying with gift cards. Razer, for example, has a special reward system in place. When you buy games or subscriptions with Razer Gold, you are automatically bound to get another currency called Silver. It can later be exchanged for various physical items like:

  • Mouses
  • Keyboards
  • Headphones
  • Gaming chairs
  • Gamepads
  • Various game points
  • Subscriptions like Crunchyroll
  • And more.

Do game points improve the gaming experience?

It depends on what kind of gamer you are. Yes, you can play most games without buying a single point, or if you’re persistent enough, you can grind your way to the top. However, gamers who want to add flair to their in-game personas with skins and other cosmetic items usually buy them with game points.

For example, Roblox gift cards can be used to access paid content. Roblox is a platform for creatives where people from all around the world can make games and share them with the Roblox community. However, most of these games aren’t free but can be played for a symbolic fee. Using the in-game currency called Robux, you’re actually sending your gratitude to creators who spent time making those games. That’s the same as buying a game from any other developer.

You can also spend Robux curating and crafting your in-game persona. Such cosmetic items like skins, gear, vehicle paint jobs, and even superpowers allow you to express yourself and stand out amongst other players. You can also buy boosters that will help you advance in the game faster.

Digital gaming offers more benefits than they have cons. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of console subscriptions or boost your games with game points – digital marketplaces have your back with great deals and prices.