Unreal Tournament III gets modded up

Unreal Tournament III may conceivably go down as best multiplayer game for the PlayStation 3 to date. With bustling graphics and superior gameplay from the team that brought 2006 hit, Gears of War, perhaps the most celebrated aspect of the title is the mod community support that the PS3 version sustains.

Through the UT III mod cooker, gamers will be allowed to take PC mods and transfer them into PS3 attuned mods.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games describes:

"We’re very close to releasing an update to the Unreal Engine 3 editor, that comes with the PC version of UT3, that will allow UT3 mod-makers to cook their mods into the required PS3 format. We’ve been doing some internal testing and we’re hoping to expand to a wider group tomorrow or Friday.”

“If all goes well then we should see the update released next week which is what I expect will happen”, adding, "we put out a few mods before Christmas and people seem to be playing them".

Unreal Tournament is a game set in a futuristic war-torn setting where the so called Necris invasion lately commenced in which the clan you belong to was just massacred in this incursion. The game is an all out multiplayer bash with modes varying from Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Warfare mode. If you do not already own Unreal Tournament III, please make it top priority to obtaining it really soon.

Source: CVG