Until Dawn is not getting DLC for PlayStation VR

The developer behind Until Dawn is not currently working on DLC for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA session, Supermassive Games’ Will Byles and Tom Heaten responded to claims that the developer was cobbling together new content for the teen horror title based on fan ideas. “We’ve seen them too and they’re great,” said the pair. “But we are not currently working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment.”

The duo did, however, tease Supermassive Games’ next project, which they reckon will go down a storm with fans of Until Dawn: “Without giving too much away, we are already working on our next game, and we think and hope that Until Dawn fans will love it.”

Until Dawn was released on PS4 in August, so be sure to read our full review if you haven’t already done so. The game was initially announced for PS3 back in August 2012, where Sony confirmed it would make extensive use of the PlayStation Move motion controller and would feature a script penned by a series of horror writersThings went quiet on the game for a few months, with Amazon later claiming the project had been canceled. Sony assured fans the project was still in the works, and said the title would be a good fit for its upcoming VR headset, Project Morpheus (now known as PlayStation VR). 

After another lengthy hiatus, Until Dawn resurfaced at Gamescom 2014 as a PS4-exclusive horror title. Sony boasted that the game would feature ‘hundreds of endings‘ and that the story would last players around nine hours. The game centres on a group of teenagers staying at a remote hunting lodge, only to find themselves being stalked by a mysterious killer. Gamers can directly influence the fates of each character in the game based on the decisions they make throughout. As such, it is possible to have everyone survive the night or end your game with all teens meeting a grisly fate.

Supermassive Games has revealed that talk on a possible sequel to Until Dawn has been going on internally, although nothing official has been announced.