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Until Dawn Movie Adaptation Announced With Annabelle: Creation Writer And Director At The Helm

Until Dawn is the latest video game to have a film adaptation of it be announced, and its adaptation also marks a bit of an important reunion for horror film fans.

The movie adaptation of Until Dawn will be led by the same writer and director team from Annabelle: Creation, with David F. Sandberg listed to direct and Gary Dauberman listed to produce and help with the script.

When Until Dawn released, it was regarded as an excellent horror game that not only drew players in with its classic horror-movie setting and tone, but had some genuinely good scares, with huge replay value.

Since then Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games has been further refining its narrative horror titles with the Dark Pictures Anthology and most recent, a spiritual successor to Until Dawn with The Quarry.

Screen Gems, the studio working in collaboration with PlayStation Productions on this coming adaptation describes the coming Until Dawn film as an “R-rated love letter to the horror genre.”

Until Dawn is the kind of game that’s perfectly setup for a film adaptation, and with such acclaimed horror talent behind it, this is definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

What’s also interesting to note is that this film could be timed to go along with the rumoured remake of Until Dawn that is allegedly in the works at Supermassive Games.

Source – [The Hollywood Reporter]