Until Dawn PS3 gameplay shows cancelled first-person viewpoint

A YouTube user has managed to unearth footage of the cancelled PlayStation 3 version of Supermassive Games’ teen horror, Until Dawn.

Until Dawn PS3 gameplay footage

The footage clocks in at over 40-minutes, and showcases the first-person viewpoint that the developers originally had planned for the title prior to its move to the PlayStation 4. At this point in production, none of the voice actors who headed up the final version were attached to the project, and there’s obviously quite a noticeable drop in the quality of the game’s visuals.

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As you can tell from the on-screen prompts, the PlayStation Move controller was used to progress through the game, as Sony had originally envisioned the game as a major showcase for the under-utilised peripheral. Fans of the game should check out the video below, as it offers a tantalizing glimpse at what could have been. 

Sony announced Until Dawn for the PS3 at Gamescom 2012 and was initially pencilled in for a 2013 launch. However, little else was shown on the game following its reveal, and rumors started to crop up that the project had been quietly shelved. Fortunately this wasn’t the case as we know, as Sony re-revealed the game at Gamescom 2014, this time for the PS4. Until Dawn was eventually released in August 2015 to rave reviews and proved a surprising commercial success.

Despite the game’s success, Supermassive Games has said that it has no plans to develop Until Dawn 2. Instead, the studio produced the PlayStation VR spinoff Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which is certainly worth a punt if you’re into rail shooters.