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[UPDATE] Bungie promises ‘huge batch’ of Destiny alpha codes shortly

UPDATE: Bungie has Tweeted once again, urging North American fans to follow and tweet for a code.

Original story: Gamers who are yet to get access to this weekend’s Destiny alpha don’t despair just yet, as developer Bungie is trying to remedy such concerns by unleashing another huge batch of codes at some point today.

Many would-be Destiny players signed up to Sony’s ‘Greatest Awaits’ website this week with the promise of gaining access to the alpha, only to be left empty-handed as the servers began to flood with eager players.

Speaking on Twitter, the developer assured gamers that ‘’help was on the way’’ in relation to codes – with an as-of-yet unannounced amount set to be put online imminently. At the time of writing it’s unclear what avenue Bungie will take to release the codes, so don’t forget to check back with PSU for updates when they hit.

Also, word of warning: if you use Google Gmail don’t forget to check your ‘Promotions’ tab, because oftentimes that’s where PlayStation-related emails will be sent, rather than the conventional inbox. Additionally, it’s also worth checking the spam folder of respective email host.

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