UPDATE: Destiny 2 Forge of Hope PS4 – 2017 launch confirmed and story rumors

Destiny 2 PS4.jpg

UPDATE: Destiny sequel is confirmed in a PowerPoint slide deck for Activision investors and will "broaden the franchise’s global reach, which along with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth."

ORIGINAL STORY: Destiny 2 Forge of Hope will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC in Q4 2017, according to a Reddit insider claiming to have info on the game ahead of Activision’s quarterly earnings call.

Destiny 2 release date rumored

The insider claims that the first-person shooter sequel will be released at some point between November 4-18, and that it will still retain PlayStation-exclusive content similar to its predecessor. However, this time around the content will remain exclusive for three months at a time. In addition, an Xbox Scorpio version of Destiny 2 has yet to be confirmed.

Elsewhere, the insider states that Destiny 2 is being powered by an all-new game engine, with developer Bungie planning on issuing new events every couple of months with new themes similar to what was employed in Overwatch. The new engine will facilitate these updates, as it is now able to pump out fresh content on a more more frequent basis. 

Destiny 2 story leak

The leak goes on to outline the game’s storyline, with Destiny 2 reportedly taking place after The Taken King, with the Cabal invading the Tower and Guardians battling in an effort to rescue the Last City from invading forces. Along the way, we’ll apparently discover Queen Mara Sov’s story and the intentions behind the Exo-race Stranger. The new Destiny 2 raid will allegedly end with the Tower and Last City banding together against the leader of the Cabal.

Destiny 2 DLC plans 

Bungie is reportedly already laying out a substantial content roadmap for Destiny 2, with the first major expansion planned for release in late 2018 and focuses on the Kabr, Praedyth and the Vex. In addition, the former Halo developer is also planning to roll out new updates similar to the April 2016 patch every quarter. The studio previously said that Destiny 2 won’t suffer from any content droughts.

Sadly, however, the insider reports that Destiny characters won’t transfer over to the sequel, although Destiny 2 is said to boast a much more comprehensive character creation system, featuring additional options such as tattoos and more. 

Destiny 2 was officially confirmed by publisher Activision last year and said it would launch the game at some point in 2017. Rumors surfaced a few months later stating that the story will incorporate the likes of Xur, Agent of the Nine and the Cryptarch, with leaked artwork also popping up online.